Industrial Automation

Whether it's an unmanned beverage production line or a robot-welded car factory; or it's a stream of traffic highway or a busy port; or it's sophisticated atmosphere, water quality inspection equipment, or safe and fast express storage box, there is the presence of Envicool air conditioner. Convenient interface operation, clear information transmission, user-friendly installation, intelligent system management, Envicool industrial air conditioner calmly face the test of various industries in the industry.

application scenarios

Automobile industry
We combine the complete equipment solution in intelligent process with the whole process of automobile production to make the operation of intelligent equipment safer and more efficient.
Food & Beverage Industry
We combine various equipment solutions in the process of automation with the entire process of food and beverage production to make the production line more efficient, hygienic and clean.
Automation Industry
Whether it is Industry 4.0 or Made-in-China 2025, it is a process of industrial intelligence, and automatic control and automatic adjustment devices are widely used in industrial production to replace manual operation of machines and machine systems for processing and production. As a professional manufacturer of industrial automation temperature control products, we provide perfect solutions for various application requirements.
Machine Tool Industry
No matter in the past, present and future, we have been committed to providing perfect solutions for the machine tool industry, especially in various CNC machine tools and large machining centers, which can better reflect the comprehensiveness of our products.
Laser Industry
Whether it is laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking, or laser beauty, the requirements for the stability of laser equipment are very high, and the stability of the equipment depends on the accuracy and stability of the temperature control system.
Environmental Protection Industry
Whether it is water affairs, water treatment, water quality monitoring, solid waste treatment, atmospheric treatment industry or energy-saving measures, we can provide perfect solutions, especially in water quality testing and atmospheric testing, which can better reflect the superiority of our products.