In 2021, MIIT issued the "14th Five-Year Plan" Information and Communication Industry Development Plan, in which the main indicators for the development of the information and communication industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period were formulated. In terms of 5G base stations, it is required to achieve 26 5G base stations per 10,000 people by 2025, and by 2025, the number of 5G base stations in China will reach more than 3.6 million. The data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at the end of September 2021 is that 1.195 million 5G base stations have been built. China will build at least 2.445 million 5G base stations in the next four years, and it is expected that 600,000 5G base stations will be added every year.

In order to achieve the goal of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the "Plan" pointed out that the expansion of the backbone network should be promoted in an orderly manner, the construction of gigabit optical fiber network and 5G network infrastructure should be promoted in coordination, and the commercial deployment and large-scale application of 5G should be promoted. At the same time, the "Planning" pointed out that the large-scale deployment of 5G networks will be accelerated, and the deep coverage of 5G networks in typical fields such as industry, power grids, and ports will be supported, and industry integration applications will be boosted.