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AC Powered Cooling
Current situation

With the development of industrial intelligence and the construction of high-speed information networks, more and more intelligent equipment, base stations and signal transmission equipment are applied outdoors. Outdoor conditions are very different, besides the heat generated by the components, there is also solar radiation inside the cabinet, the heat in the cabinet is greater than that in the indoor application. In order to maintain the normal working temperature of the components in the cabinet, it is necessary to configure professional outdoor cabinet temperature control products. At the same time, most outdoor application equipment is unattended and vulnerable to rain, moisture, salt spray and dust, which undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for temperature control products.


EC Series Air Conditioner

AC powered air conditioner
  • Multilayer surface protection process
  • ≥10 years ultra long design life
  • Humanized operation interface
  • Automatically start when power on
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Intelligent control method