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Laser Industry
With the continuous advancement of technology, the application field of laser technology continues to expand. Materials suitable for laser processing include metals and alloys, plastics, ceramics, glass, wood, leather, resin, rubber, etc., which are widely used in marking, engraving, cutting, In addition to industrial processing fields such as welding, drilling, cladding, micromachining and surface modification, it is also used in emerging fields such as information and communication data storage, medical beauty, scientific research and military, instrument sensing, display, and additive manufacturing.

Laser photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, and most of it is converted into heat energy, which will generate huge heat. Therefore, the cooling of laser equipment has become an indispensable link.


EIA Series Air Conditioner, EIW Water Cooled Chiller

EIA Series Air Conditioner


  • Automatically start when power on
  • Professional condensed water disposal function
  • Modular components, easy to replace
  • Ultra long design life ≥10 years
  • Remote monitoring available
  • Humanized operation interface
  • Dry contact alarm output