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Current Situation and Solution

Current Situation

The rapid popularity of new energy vehicles has led to a rapid increase in the demand for supporting charging equipment, but at the same time, the range of new energy vehicles is increasing, and the charging time of new energy vehicles is getting shorter and shorter, which puts higher requirements on supporting charging piles. The construction of the super charging station alleviates the problem of long charging time, but it brings new challenges to the heat dissipation of the charging module, which will generate heat during normal operation. If this part of the heat is not converted in time, the temperature of the charging module will be too high to cause its derating operation, which will affect the charging efficiency.


Envicool charging pile cooling products can transfer the heat of the charging module to the environment in time, and at the same time avoid dust, rain and debris in the environment that easily enter the charging module during direct ventilation and cooling, extending the service life and reducing maintenance costs.
New EV Charging Pile Cooling


  • High heat density and strong heat transfer ability: under high heat density working conditions, the temperature drops significantly
  • Energy saving: the energy saving effect is significant when the ambient temperature is low under energy saving mode
  • IP55 for indoor and outdoor circulation isolation, ensure long module maintenance period
  • A variety of alarm and RS485 communication and protection functions available
  • Compact structure design, can be perfectly integrated with the cabinet/EV charger

  • CSH Series Heat Pipe
  • CSM Series Combo Unit

New EV Swapping Equipment Cooling


  • High energy efficiency inverter compressor, frequency conversion design, high efficiency and energy saving
  • Stepless speed regulation compressor, intelligent cooling capacity adjustment
  • Intelligent fan speed regulation, always matching with heat load, energy saving and noise reduction
  • Self-start when power on, alarm and protection functions available
  • 10kW heating capacity, meeting the heating requirements of low-temperature equipment
  • ECW Series Air Cooled Chiller