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Envicool cooling escorted the main venue of APEC meeting

01-10, 2015

On November 5-11, 2014, the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization Leaders' Informal Meeting (APEC Meeting) was held in Beijing. In this conference, the main venue of the Beijing Sunrise Oriental Kempinski Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the Sunrise Oriental Hotel) has also become the focus of attention of many people at home and abroad. In addition to the vast outdoor meeting space with beautiful scenery, the brand-new comprehensive meeting venues and the various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products that can be seen everywhere in the hotel are also eye-opening. As an expert in temperature control of communication and computer network system equipment, Envicool CyberMate® series of dedicated air conditioners for computer rooms has also become the energy-saving and environmentally friendly product chosen by Sunrise Oriental Hotel and escorted APEC meetings.

It is reported that the design team of Sunrise Oriental Hotel always takes sustainable development and ecological environmental protection as the core when choosing materials and construction techniques. The hotel's program-controlled exchange system is an important sub-system of the hotel's communication and network. In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the communication system, when choosing the refrigeration equipment for the program-controlled exchange room, it is necessary to choose a cold air supply throughout the year, precise control of temperature and humidity, and large air volume. , Small enthalpy difference and other characteristics of the computer room air conditioner.

Envicool has participated in a number of government procurement projects, and has application solutions and related products in data centers and management control rooms in various fields such as central ministries, municipalities, finance, public security, law enforcement, and large and medium-sized energy companies. Several models of CyberMate® series computer room air conditioners have been shortlisted in the "Energy-saving Products Government Procurement List" for 4 consecutive periods. The efficient and energy-saving Envicool computer room air conditioners have been widely recognized by customers.

The CyberMate® series computer room air conditioners selected by Sunrise Oriental Hotel have high reliability, high energy saving rate and high adaptability, and fully meet the cooling requirements of the computer room of the program-controlled switch. The AEER system design can effectively reduce the PUE value of the computer room. The EVO intelligent control system independently developed and designed by Envicool uses precision sensors, fuzzy control and PID proportional integral derivative control algorithms to accurately control temperature and humidity. In order to fully guarantee the stable operation of the computer room, the comprehensive alarm system of the CyberMate® series of computer room special air conditioners can immediately display sound and light alarms, background alarms and SMS alarms when any technical failure occurs, so that the staff can understand the failure situation at the first time and solve it quickly problem.

During the APEC meeting, the program-controlled switch room of Sunrise Oriental Hotel was operating stably, providing reliable communication and computer networks for the meeting.