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Envicool demonstrated XRack high-efficient micro-module data center solutions on

04-11, 2014

On April 10, 2014, the 7th CDCE was held in Beijing. Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Envicool) won the "2014 China Data Center High-Efficient Cooling Top Brand" award. At the meeting, Envicool and data center industry experts such as Huawei, ZTE, Inspur, HP, Intel, etc., focused on the theme of "Energy Efficiency First, Management First", and conducted special reports on various aspects of data centers. The XRack high-efficient micro-module data center was exhibited by Envicool at the scene received extensive attention from the guests.

The advent of the big data era has given birth to the construction of public and private clouds, and it has also prompted people to pay more and more attention to the construction of small and medium-sized data centers. However, the construction of a professional computer room is not only expensive, but also consumes a lot of energy, takes up space, and has high management costs. It also requires special personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day. Take the customers in the core CBD area as an example. The office space is inherently tight, and the capital budget is also relatively limited. There is no condition or need to build a professional computer room. Envicool XRack micro-module data center integrates complete power supply and distribution, refrigeration, cabinets, and monitoring products. The seamless integration of various components can ensure the high reliability, high safety, and high energy efficiency of the solution. Provide users with end-to-end integrated solutions.
The high flexibility of the XRack micro-module data center also made the guests present full of praise. XRack installed and integrated the cabinets, UPS, wiring, monitoring, and refrigeration equipment before leaving the factory, which minimized the hardware installation time on site. The deployment can be completed within 3 hours, and it is ready to use when powered on. From the perspective of energy efficiency priority, the XRack built-in air conditioner adopts a cooling solution close to the heat source and utilizes core technologies such as variable capacity compressors to reduce overall energy consumption by more than 30%.
The maintenance of XRack, which has so many advantages, is relatively simple. Its intelligent management design can realize 365 days × 24 hours unified monitoring, and quickly locate and troubleshoot problems when failures occur.
At present, XRack micro-module data center have been used stably in many places such as power systems, and have also been well received by customers.