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Envicool is heading for a low carbon future!

09-16, 2022

As the global energy problem becomes worse and worse, energy saving has become an inevitable consideration in the design of energy storage solutions and products.

Envicool has always been adhering to the concept of integrating high-efficiency and energy-saving technology into product design. Basing on this, many energy-saving products and solutions for carbon neutrality have been launched innovatively and applied globally.

Among them, the XFlex IEC system achieves high-efficiency cooling by spraying evaporative cooling of outdoor air. In cold area like north of China, the energy saving effect is remarkable since the CLF can be as low as 0.07, and the modular design is adopted to shorten the delivery time. At present, Envicool XFlex IEC system leads the market share in China.

Envicool XGlacier adopts integrated cold plate liquid cooling technology, high-efficient variable frequency water pump, and warm-water-cooling technology to achieve high-efficient cooling effect, and at the same time makes full use of natural cold sources to achieve extreme energy saving with CLF lower to 0.03.

Envicool XMint integrates various energy-saving technologies such as liquid pump technology, air pump technology, evaporative condensation technology, etc. The AEER of the system can be up to 15. iFreecooling adopts a refrigerant pump for natural cooling in low temperature seasons, saving up to 60% of energy throughout the year.

As a hi-tech company, Envicool has always maintained its enthusiasm for technological innovation and is committed to applying technology to promote social intelligence. We are constantly striving to achieve sustainable development and hope to create a better life for people. Moreover, we also firmly believe that the green energy saving brought by professional technology will create a better tomorrow!